Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Radiant Firepits stand apart from the rest?

Radiant Firepits was designed for simple functionality and clean composition. We design our firepits to withstand exposure to the elements, with materials that age beautifully in any outdoor space.

Can you do custom orders?

We are are happy to accommodate custom quantity orders and well as custom firepit design and fabrication. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or quantity pricing at info@radiantfirepits.com.

What is the patina process?

Patina is a natural weathering process which occurs when metal is exposed to air, heat and water. Through the patina process, Radiant firepits will form a unique look that protects the metal. Please be advised, that the natural side effects of the patina process will sometimes stain wood, concrete and any other fair-colored surfaces that is it set upon. Be mindful of this as you choose the spot for your firepit. Your firepits patina will naturally increase over time, but it is possible to accelerate or delay this process.

How can I accelerate the patina process?

To immediately patina your Radiant firepit; Spray the metal with a white vinegar. This removes any patina and will return your firepit to its original raw steel color.Evenly spray the firepit pieces on both sides with a mix of vinegar, salt, and hydrogen peroxide. The metal will foam, then turn to a rich golden brown in a matter of hours.

How can I delay the patina process?

To protect the raw steel color and texture of your firepit; Spray the metal with a white vinegar to remove any patina and return your firepit to its original raw steel color.Buff the metal with linseed oil or an alkyd resin.